Engine Re-Mapping

Most vehicle manufacturers place restrictions on their engines performance to cater for those who operate poor service schedules and possibly use low quality fuels or vehicles used in extreme harsh environments. This is where we can help optimise the performance of your vehicle by removing these limitations placed upon it and allow you to enjoy the vehicle the way it was intended to be.

With manufactures looking to minimise production costs adopting more modular engine designs to keep manufacturing costs down, it is common place for them to simply remap engines to provide varying levels of performance or economy which in turn the higher output or more efficient models they will sell at inflated prices. This alone shows you the tolerances available in a modern engine. With reliability as important to ourselves as it is to you, we offer a safe and reliable solution to tuning your engine.

As an authorised dealer in Elite Remaps we are specialists in all areas of ECU remapping and engine tuning and we are constantly innovating and leading the way in ECU tuning research and development. We are proud to say that we can offer more Diesel Particulate Filter and DPF  services & solutions than any of our competitors often making the impossible become possible!

In its standard form a Diesel Particulate Filter, or tdi dpf system can become a real problem after time for a range of reasons, in order to reduce driver inconvenience and expensive repairs the only option will be to remove & delete this DPF function allowing for improved reliability, servicing, performance and fuel efficiency.